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My Name is Sue


I am 27 and not married
and looking for fun and sex fantacy dates
at The Adult Cafe

Facy and sex fantasy

"I am on The Adult Cafe, 27 years old and I am looking fun and sex fantasy dates. "
I am not married and have no children and live with a girlfriend of mine. We sometimes sleep together for fun, but we are not gay or a couple. I am a girl who likes lots of sex who has no interest in sex. I love to try new sex ideas. I like mature guys best 30 to 60 years old, but you are 18 or 65 years old don't let that put you off asking me for a fun and sex date. I am 27 years old and I have had couple of relationships, but I am happy living with my girlfriend at the moment. So all I am looking for at the moment is loving, passionate and even kinky sex. Just all types of sex really. Does that make sound like a slut.

I love all types of sex really, little bit kinky like dressing up, role playing and having sex with our clothes on. Perhaps I am I dirty slut because I love the feel of a mature man body. I am quite fit and athletic and If we got together we could try some of your fantasies and mine. I have always try some light bondage and have the fantasy of being tied up (gently) to the bed totally naked, spread eagle With legs wide apart being kissed and nibbled all. I have many sex fantasies we can try.

I am 27, from Hampshire, a single English girl, work in an office and Looking for more mature guys for dates for, Fun and Sex Fantasy.

I am on the The Adult Cafe because I want to fun and sex fantasy dates. I don't really want a serious relationship because I am happy living with my girlfriend. I am looking for few dates where we can meet up and have sex. I don't mind if it is just the once or if we meet up for sex fantasy a few times, but really don't want any strings just now. I don't mind if my sex partners are young or more mature really , but what I like is a kiss and a cuddle playing out a fantasy during sex. I do love sex foreplay and I love to stroke and play with mature guys. I am for all sorts of sex fantasy ideas and have many sex fantasy ideas of my own. I like it long and slow or a hard quickie and think most sex positions are great.

Ideally, I would like to meet up for a drink first, just to get to know you. Then, if we are both happy about it, we can go somewhere for some hot sex fantasy. If we get on we can meet again for another fantasy idea. I really do love the feel of a man.

Hey you, around 18 years old or perhaps 65. Tell me your favorite sex fantasy and maybe we could meet for some fun, probably just the once. I must admit I do like to stroke an older man, I am also like to taste of a younger men too.

Like a sex fantasy with me?Whats your sex fantasy

Random Questions & Answers - Possible Fun and Sex Dates Have Asked

Can we have a one night stand? - OK . Am I shaved? - Partly

Can we go to a hotel and just have sex? - Yes, So long as we meet up somewhere first

Do you like sex outdoors ? - Yes. Do size really matter? - No

I am very young guy and dream of sex woman like you, can I ask to meet you? - Yes, so long as you are over 18

Can we have sex all night? Yes - you haven't got to go until morning

Would you have sex without a condom? Yes - when we get know more about each other.

What is my favorite love making position? Email me and I will tell you.

The Cafe People ask me tell you about a sex fantasy date I have had.

I had been chatting to this guy on the adult cafe for while and we had exchanged a few fantasies. He was a mature guy in his early 50s I guess, from West London. He had already said school girls was one of his fantasies. We arranged to meet up, so I dressed just for fun, in a white shirt with no bra, a very short black skirt with plain white cotton knickers. Well we had a couple of drinks in a pub round the corner from my flat and Jan my girl friend was away for the weekend, so suggest we went there. We chatted for a bit and as I put a drink on the table I leant forward and one of tits came out of my shirt, that led him to say I was a naughty school girl and that he should put me over his knee. As he did so he lifted my skirt and I thought he was going to spank me but instead stroked me through my little white cotton pants, I was so wet now he must have noticed and I could feel him hard with my breasts. Tell me my punishment teacher I said playing out the fantasy. He said " take just your shirt off and stand facing the wall." "Turn around - hands behind you back" he said, he was there in just his underpants, bulging inside them. He caressed my tits for a bit before saying "get down on your knees". "I must teach what happens when you wear short very skirt like a school girl and make teacher horny" "pull down my pants and put it in your mouth" He was so hot and hard - now I was having some fun - I licked and sucked his him until it started to throb and I starting to get got the taste of him. He pulled back and told me "you are a naughty school girl" " stand and turn round, put your hands on the wall". He put his hand up my skirt and played with me again through my knickers at first before pulling them to one side and putting his tongue deep inside. He then put my hands higher against wall, lifted my tiny skirt, pulled white cotton knickers to one side and stuck that mature but hot thing inside me. He fdid it quite hard as I stood in my clothes against the wall, it felt great. As he did so he whispered "you are school girl slut" "I want to you". He pulled my knickers down to my knees and put it slowly all the way into me. He seemed so big, hard and very very hot. It felt good and he squeezed my tits and put it in, while I was still there standing with my hands against wall. I had already had a couple of orgasms in this school girl fantasy of his and as he came he pulled out of me, soaking me and little white cotton knickers.


I was feeling tired yet still a little horny as we rested laying completely naked on the floor of my lounge. We just kissed cuddled lightly for a bit. He held my tits and I rested my hand on him and we slept for while. We awoke an hour or two later still holding it in my hand so I stroked it gently it was all smooth and nice. Hey - it was starting to grow. He kissed me sweetly and said he liked our school girl fantasy. It was then I realized that my girlfriend my have come back home when we were a sleep. She looked round the door, wearing nothing but a thong, and said "having fun" - he tried to cover himself with my shirt. "Too late now" I said "she has already seen it". She came over and sat beside us and teased him by pulling at the shirt covering him. I put my hand underneath and tickled his thing, just as Jan tucked again at the shirt. I think he was a little embarrassed at first, but it was stand there massive. Jan, who has a great body very big tits by the way, is not shy. She grabbed it and started to play with it for him while sat on his face. "Like this sort of fantasy?" I said. "Want two girls at then same time?" We had fun - at one time he licked me, while Jan sucked him and I put my tongue over her. A crazy threesome fantasy. Jan and I stood on all fours together while he tried do do it to both of us. Jan and I lay together face up on the feeling each other. Another of my fantasies done - wow!. What fantasy next? Nurses perhaps.

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