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My Name is Jenny


I am Looking for a love affair at
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looking for a love affair

"I am having Great time since I joined The Adult Cafe -I am looking for a Love Affair(s) and lovers of all ages "
You can search to find potential lovers of people in your area and view their dating profiles and pictures. You can mail friends and even meet them if you wish. It's dating for adults looking for love affairs that is sexy and simple. If you are looking for a love affair and sex there is no better place.

I have put in my profile and I am up for anything.(sex and love affair) (young and older)
After all, you can chat to adults online and find out if they are looking for an affair without giving out to much personal stuff about myself - its fun. If you want to find an affair, fun, sex or love and if see someone you fancy, young and older, you just email them.

I the early evening after I have put my child to bed, it's love affair finding time. I have a shower and dream of meeting man for a love affair and sex, So I log on to The Adult Cafe and often email a guy, who says he is looking for a love affair and ask him what sexy things would he likes to do to his lover and then they often talk dirty. I love it, it's sort of online love affair, is great fun and this can make me so very horny.

I am 24, from Kent, a single girl with a small child and and Just Looking for a Love Affair

The Adult Cafe is really great for me, I love looking for lovers and finding new sexy friends. I have a small child who love and I am just looking for a lover. All I want is a love affair, someone to take me out and to make love to me. I don't need man for anything more than fun and sex. My financial affairs are sound and I am happy without a live-in lover and although I I love my child, I do need a lover to give me a good fuck now and again.

I am looking for a "no strings" love affair, if you are married, single or with partner I don't mind so long as tell at the beginning.

A love affair with JennyJenny looking for an affair

The Guys at the Adult Cafe wanted me to tell you all about Lovers I have met at the Adult Cafe and affairs I have had.

Well where do I start. I am only interest love affairs, I mean by this meeting my lover for at least few dates. I am not looking for a full relationship just the love affair part. One guy I meet now and again for a love affair is ideal. He is older and married but his wife doesn't like sex any more, so our love affair consists of meeting up in a hotel every month or so for sex. A real love affair, we kiss cuddled and fuck for a few hours -it's nice. This is the sort of affair I like. Does his wife know? I never asked.

Another lover I have met up for a love affair few times is younger and can't really afford a hotel. So, we take his car to the local woods, after dark, where we usually make love in the back of his car. Not so good as a hotel, but he is a good lover and I have very high sex drive.

Random Questions & Answers - asked by my Adult Friends at the Cafe.

Are my tits real? - Yes. Am I shaved? - Partly

Do I make love on the first date? - Some times (depends)

Dose size really matter? - It's what you do with it that counts. Would I make love without a condom? It Depends.

Do you swallow? - Tell you later Are offended by being propositioned by an older man? - No! - I Like older guys too.

What is my favorite love making position? Email me first.

I say - Relax and enjoy finding a love affair at the adult. With your computer, check out the 1000,s of young and older adult dating profiles at the cafe. You can tell people all about yourself and what you are looking for i.e.. love affair or sex. You only tell them what you want them to know and nobody knows who or where you are, unless you tell them. So whether you are looking for an illicit love affair , long lasting love or no strings attached sex, the Adult Cafe Dating is the perfect place to find an Adult Friend.

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