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"I am having so much fun since I joined The Adult Cafe - it's a great way to meet new mature and no so mature sexy friends."
You can search to find young or mature people in your area and view their dating profiles and pictures. You can mail them and even meet them if you wish. It's dating for mature adults that is sexy and simple.
If you are looking for sex, and love there is no better place.

I have put in my profile and I am up for anything.(sex and love) (young and mature)
After all you can chat to them online and find out if they are mature without giving out to much personal stuff about myself - its fun. If you are looking for sex or love and see someone you fancy, young and mature, you just email them.

I often come home from work, have a shower and dream of meeting a matures man who is looking for mature sex, So I log on to The Adult Cafe while I am just in my panties- sexy eh!. I often email a guy (young or mature) who is looking for sex and ask him about his sexual interests = and then get him to talk dirty + I love it, it's sort of online sex, is great fun and makes this mature lady very horny.

I am 52, a mature single lady and dating and looking for Love and sex.

The Adult Cafe has been great for me, it is not easy for a more mature lady to find sexy friends. In the long term I would love to meet a more mature man of my dreams, but in the mean time I having sex and fun at the Adult Cafe.

I must admit that some times I meet up with a guy who is looking for for some "No Strings Attached" fun (sex), some times its a toy boy and some time he's more mature. The young guys just want to have sex with you any place any where and mature guys in truth want the same but are a bit more loving
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The Guys at the Adult Cafe wanted me a mature lady to tell you all about her last couple of dates.

The last mature guy I met for a date was around 50
, I quite like older mature guys as they know what a date is all about. He was really very nice and like the more mature guys turned up looking very smart. Following the loss of his long term partner he was not really looking for a long term relationship. We met at a small restaurant for our date and things went well and he took me home. Just like a mature guy on date he just kissed me good night. I think, perhaps, he is a little shy so a week later I phoned him and we agreed to meet again in a local. I wore my black low cut dress and he turned up looking smart again, but a bit more casual and for the first time I noticed that this mature guy had quite a muscular body. Well, this time when he took me home he came in for a coffee and after a while we sat kissing on the sofa. A mature couple behaving just like teen agers. As we kissed he gently fondled my breasts putting his hand inside my dress at first, it felt nice and was really turning me on so I suggest we went to the bedroom. We lay on the bed still fully clothed at first as we kissed. Slowly, he kissed me and started to undress me, first, sliding down the straps of my dress revealing my large breasts. He kissed and sucked my nipples, while gently stroking my pussy with his hand up my skirt. He still fully clothed apart from taking off his shirt, he was now making me so hot and wet. He kissed me down my body as he slipped the rest of my clothes slowly off. He then licked and sucked my pussy for what seemed like ages - ooh!
Well enough I thought and rolled him on to his back slowly removing his jeans, I could see his cock was so hard through his pants. I slowly licked him down his mature but great body to just above his cock while holding his balls and then went up to bite his nipples. I ran my tongue down his body again, but this time slowly removing his pants to reveal his mature strong rock hard cock. I stroked and kissed a little, it tasted great. I slowly run my tongue over his balls and then the underside of this beautiful mature cock before sucking it in whole. He then turned me over and kissed my tits as he planted his manhood deep inside me. By his passion he had not had sex for quite a while and he pounded me long and slow but hard until I came - Hmmm! For a mature guy, he shagged me very fast and hard until he exploded inside me, biting my tits as he came.
Wow! All this from a mature date on The Adult Cafe. We have agreed to meet again, every once in a while.

Another guy I met via the Adult Cafe was no so mature, in fact he was only 22 and he had been chatting with at the Adult Cafe for a while, he loved to exchange naughty ideas and talk dirty. Well - we decided to meet up as he said he would love a date with mature woman. He decided to book a hotel near the town where I live. We met in small bar and he was a great laugh, he kept teasing me over the size of my tits. He suggested we move on as the bar was full of mature people - cheek. We went to dark trendy looking pub, so many mature people here. We sat side by side, he kept looking down the front of my dress and whispering in my ear, telling how much he wanted to see me naked. In the dark I put my hand into the top of his trousers stroking his tight under belly (not some thing you get with mature man). I put my had down further and go my first feel of his cock. For some reason he seemed to have trouble speaking as I stroked it gently, we laughed and said we had better get out of here before we got arrested. We went to his hotel room, he asked me to do a mature striptease for him as he lay on the bed in just his Calvin Clynes. By the size of the bulge in pants he seemed to enjoy it, so I climbed on the bed and held his face to by tits. I then slowly moved down his body kissing it and stoking it with my tits, whipping off his pants so I could feel his hot cock in my nipples. I lay back in the bed and caught site of that not so mature but quite large cock - hmmm nice.

He squatted over me and put his cock in my mouth and I sucked it for a while, he then slid back and put it between my more mature tits with them rubbing it until he almost came. He moved to 69 position and got a beautiful view of his not so mature arse and balls. I just couldn't resist licking his arse and sucking his balls while I played with his cock and he sucked my clit. I am careful over safe sex and I was pleased when he asked me to put a condom on his cock for his. Well he we had sex in the missionary position and felt great, giving this lady the first of her orgasms that night. He turned me over and we had sex doggy style and then he whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me in the arse. Hm - "OK" - I said," but be gentle". His hot cock felt nice and very hot and my next orgasm came quickly when he put his fingers into my pussy at the same time. He took the condom off and asked me to suck his cock until he came. I lay underneath him squeezing his balls and sucking his cock until he came in my mouth. And before you ask, yes, this mature lady swallowed it all - tasted sweet and nice. We didn't arrange to meet again, we knew it was a one off from the start. Mind you I do still think of his not mature body and cock once in a while.

I say - Get yourself a G &T, loosen your clothing and relax, then enjoy adult dating at its best. With your computer check out 1000,s of young and mature dating profiles at the cafe. You can tell people all about yourself and what you are looking for ie. a mature guy or not. You only tell them what you want them to know and nobody knows who or where you are, unless you tell them. So whether you are looking for long lasting love or looking for no strings attached sex, the Adult Cafe Adult Dating is the perfect place to find a young or mature partner.

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