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My Name is Sarah


I am 43 and married
and looking for sex dates
at The Adult Cafe

Mature Sarah loves sex

"I am on The Adult Cafe, 43 years old, a mature woman and I am looking affairs and sex dates. "
I am married and have two teenage children with a husband who has no interest in sex. Where as me, although being mature I still need lots of sex. I have been called a MILF I hope its a compliment. I do love to be naked and I adore lots of sex. I am a mature lady but feel like a teenager when comes to sex. I am quite happy to have a long night of passion or a quickie in a bus shelter.

Although I am a mature married lady I do like to get naked whenever I can and love the feel of the wind on my pussy. My husband doesn't mind my lovers so long as I don't shout about it. What I am looking for is may me a mature guy or two to have sex with on a semi-regular basis. I love to be fucked bareback sex without a condom, but I need know more about you first. Although I want a no strings relationship I want a lover or lovers who kiss and cuddle me before we have sex. I may be mature but when it comes to sex I am hot and probably up for any idea you may have. Although I keep my self fit so I look good as a nudist, I do like guy who carry a bit of weight.

I am 43, from Berkshire, a mature married woman and work in Shop and I am Just Looking for possibly a more mature man who likes a lot of sex.

I on the The Adult Cafe because I want to find affair and sex dates. I don't really want a serious relationship being married and I am looking for few dates where we can meet up and have sex. Ideally we would meet up for sex a few times, but don't want any strings. I don't mind if my sex partners are young or more mature, but what I like is a kiss and a cuddle before having sex. I do love sex foreplay and I love to play with a guys cock and I like to stoke very part of my fit but mature body. I like to put their cock my mouth and tickle arse with my fingers, it drives them wild. I like long and slow or a hard quickie and think most sex positions are great.

Ideally, I would like to meet up for a drink first, just to get to know you. Then, if we like each other, we can go somewhere for a kiss, cuddle and sex. If we get on we can meet again. I love the feel of a man inside me.

Hey you younger guys, I know I have missed you out, but if think you want to have this MILF. We can still meet up for sex and fun, but probably just the once. I must admit I am partial to the taste of a young man.


Random Questions & Answers - Possible Fun and Sex Dates Have Asked

Can we have a one night stand? - Prefer more . Am I shaved? - Partly

Can we go to a hotel and just have sex? - Yes, So long as we meet up for drink first

Are you a nudist? - Yes. Do size really matter? - No

I am young guy and dream of sex with mature MILF woman like you, can I ask to meet you? - Yes, so long as you are over 18

What is my favorite love making position? Email me and I will tell you.

The Cafe People ask me tell you about a sex date I have had.

Well he was a mature guy in his 40s to 50s from Sussex and great fun, we met at first in the bar of his hotel where he a booked a room. We sat in dark corner and chatted for a while. I was wearing a low cut dress and no bra, it had been a while since I had sex and I was feeling very horny. To get him warmed up I leant forward so he could see my tits down my dress. That did the trick I could see a bulge in his trousers, not the thing you normally see with a mature man. We we went up to his room at sat on the bed and snogged for a bit, he had his hand inside my dress caressing my tits. Then we stood there and undressed each other slowly, his mature thing was now red hot and hard. I got onto my knees in front of him. He laid me back on the bed to return the compliment and I was dripping with expectation. He then plunged deep inside me, before turning me over and fdoing it again, making me me make earthquake like shivers. Like a mature man he asked so nicely if he could do it from behind. With a bit of lube he put it slowly but deeply in, squeezing my tits as he did so. I think we found my G spot as he did so and did it until and I came again, just as he exploded. We will have to meet again I thought.

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